Held Up to Help You


Holding patterns don’t last on airplanes and they definitely don’t last in life. That’s a message I had to remind myself of as I slowly felt the sense of “oh my goodness when am I going to get to moving” try to sneak in. Airplanes often enter a holding pattern as other activity is going on around them to prepare the runway for its delivery. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines holding pattern as: 1: the usually oval course flown (as over an airport) by aircraft awaiting clearance especially to land and 2: a state of waiting or suspended activity or progress. Now if that definition doesn’t sound like life I don’t know what does!


Don’t let the devil tell you you’re stuck where you are. He’s the one who’s stuck beneath your feet! Yes, you may feel like you’re going in circles with no destination in sight. Yes, it may seem like you’ve been suspended for far too long. Yes, it may feel like your only activity of late is that of waiting. Yes, it may seem like you’re stuck on the runway watching others around you soar, but know that progress is being made behind the scenes to receive your special delivery. You may feel left behind, left out or left aside, but as long as you’re on God’s radar you’re always poised for blastoff!!!!


You have to CHOOSE to believe that God is shifting your life in high gear and preparing for a smooth landing (even) when it feels like you’re on the bumpy, turbulent or stagnant road to nowhere. Now get yourself ready for go somewhere BIG…in 3…2…1!!!



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