You Have Bigger Fish to Fry and a Sardine Sure Isn’t One of Them


Did that title make you laugh as you read it? It made me laugh as a typed it. What really made me laugh, after I got over my initial anger (and embarrassment) was the thought of how the devil strategically uses small things (like Sardines and Minnows) to distract us from taking care of the bigger and better things in life (like the Salmon and Megamouth Sharks).

Have you noticed just as you’re in the middle of a blessing, a breakthrough or even a major challenge there can sometimes be minor things that jump up and take on the form of major things causing you to lose sight? Those little problems that plague us are what I call the Sardines and Minnows of life. It’s as if within the blink of an eye, our entire focus can be shifted on to those things that aren’t of great importance and off of those things that are. Whether it be through anger, exhaust of energy, redirection of attention, discouragement or any other negative responses, the enemy would like nothing more than to confuse you as to which fish to fry.

So how do we stay set on what “fish” should be fried and which one shouldn’t?

Stay connected. Allow the Lord to be your guiding force and sustainer as you balance the Sardines and the Sharks.
Prioritize. Keep first things first and small things in their rightful places.
Call in support. If you feel yourself being overwhelmed by the “small” and neglecting the “big” ask for backup.
Keep the faith and focus. I’ve learned that often, when the “little” pops up, the “bigger and better” is on the way. Hold on with all your might for the blessings that are coming.

The key to staying focus is realizing which fish will feed more. Staying set on handling the bigger matters, and not being distracted by the smaller is the key to progress. Just like the effort it would take to fry a sardine wouldn’t produce much meat, so is the same for the small things in life that won’t yield a big harvest if we focus on them. Should we ignore them? Absolutely not. But knowing the importance of keeping sight on what really matters is what really matters.

***Angela Scott Moore has sported many hats in her lifetime. She’s a former broadcast anchor/reporter/producer, a trained motivational speaker, fundraiser and marketing/PR expert and spent nine years as a pastor’s wife and working in full-time ministry. She’s also a philanthropic community supporter who has served with more than 25 local and national organizations over her 15+ year professional career. Currently she’s working in the field of social justice and operates the blossoming, full-service events planning venture Amazing Kreations with her business partner, offering media and event planning assistance to small organizations and businesses. Taking lessons learned from each phase of her ever-evolving life, Angela’s now donning the hat of a single woman on a single mission to use spoken and written words to motivate others to “thrive while they survive”. Angela Scott Moore can be reached at or

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