Get Rid of the “Do It All” Disease

There’s something about a “do it all” that makes life very interesting.  You know the kind of person that has his or her hands in a little bit or this and a little bit of that and views the word “no” as a foreign language. 

The thing about a “do it all” is that, despite our greatest efforts some things still don’t get done, and what is accomplished often comes at the expense of our own mental, physical or financial health.  Well aware that I’ve been a “do it all” all my life,  I share these sentiments with the greatest level of understanding…get rid of the “do it all” disease!

The first step to our cure is taking on a dose of “no”.  Sometimes we simply have to say “no” or “not right now” and be okay with it.  I’ve learned that N-O is a two letter word for a reason.  Just two letters should make it easier for you to say and walk away (not literally, but you catch what I’m saying?) The next step is sharing the load.  Through trial and error I’ve figured out that if we could do it all alone it would get done.  That’s why people with the “do it all” disease often find themselves coming up short in one area because of time devoted to another.  We need help!  I’m sure we all know the person with the flourishing career and failed marriage.  Jesus was the perfect example of sharing the load.  He was the greatest Man to ever walk the face of the earth and yet, everywhere He walked He had a team of people walking with Him to help carry out His purpose.  Lastly, and probably most important is what I’d like to call “rest-ation”.  Yes, that’s a homemade word, but I’m sure you know what I mean.  “Rest-ation” is a vacation for your body and mind.  The key to healing from any physical ailment is rest.  The same is so for “do it alls”.  We have to rest, without fail, without excuse and without reservation.  Sometimes we have to tell our minds to shut down before our bodies take the lead.  

The secret many “do it alls” don’t want to accept is that long after we’re long gone the work, events, errands, housework, social scenes, carpooling, athletic events, etc., etc. etc. will still be there. We might as well get rid of the “do it all” disease and be there with them.


2 thoughts on “Get Rid of the “Do It All” Disease

  1. You are so right! I got a giant “No” button from a toy store for Christmas that you press and it says, “no!” It’s on my desk at work, but I need it on my email, on my facebook, at church, at my daughter’s school and at home. It is OK to say NO. Lots of awesome things will happen with or without me, and I get to say no to the ones that don’t fit my life right now.

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