Please Pardon My Mess


There’s a trend that seems to discount the potential payoff of errors and the payback making a mistake and growing from it can provide if you make the most of it. It has almost become automatic to write a person off simply because they failed, and to not allow them an opportunity to rise again. In today’s society it’s as if we are waiting with hopeful eyes and ears to watch a person fall or hear of another person being human and doing what humans tend to do…mess up.


Contrary to what many may believe, but evident starting from the days of the Bible, people who have messed up and been redeemed can teach a lot if they learn and you listen. Look at King David or Saul/Paul from the Bible. They messed up BIG and were able to be used for even bigger. Experience and error can often teach just as much, or more than education. Am I saying you should purposely pursue wrong? Absolutely not, but if you’re going to mess up from time-to-time you may as well go through the healing and heeding process and do something good with it. There’s nothing like going through a situation the wrong way that helps instill in you how to do it the right way.


So I ask you, what do you plan on doing with what you’ve done? What mistakes have you made, and made up for that can now be used to help others? Think about them and put them to work to bless others and you. Don’t allow others, or your own mind to make you carry around the weight of shame because of flaws and failures. And certainly don’t place the weight of shame on others because of mistakes they might have made. Never discount the value of what man can offer because of the mistakes he might have made. Some of the biggest victories were born from defeat, and a few repeats of defeat.



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