Don’t Make it to Your Party and Be Afraid to Dance

Here’s a little secret. Life is full of ups and downs. Often when the up finally arrives, we’re still so down we can’t see that “up” has entered the building. So many times we finally arrive at the place that has been prepared for us and allow fear to talk us out of participating, appreciating and celebrating.

There’s something about having a prayer answered that, if truth be told, can be a bit frightening. It’s almost as if, as long as the prayer hasn’t been answered you have all the confidence in the world of how you will be once it is. Then it actually is answered and doses of doubt try to creep in. That’s not cool:)


How many parents have prayed for a child then been afraid of the process of rearing them? How many people have prayed for a mate then developed “cold feet” en route to, and after the alter? How many have prayed for an opportunity then tried to talk themselves out of being qualified for it once the offer was received?

It makes no sense to go through what you’ve gone through to get to where you’ve gotten only to give up. God has so much in store for those that love and honor Him. One of the ways people in the Bible marked victories and memorable occasions was to celebrate! They would have feasts (dinners or parties) that lasted days because they knew the value of a promise expected or a promise fulfilled. And from what I read they would “par-tay” in the best Godly way with food, family, music… and DANCE despite whatever was behind them and because of what was ahead.


Haven’t you been through enough already, not to allow fear to talk you out of what’s ahead? Don’t you owe God at least a time of rejoicing and celebration for all He has done to or through you?

The moral of the story is:



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