Back Down Memory Lane

My introduction to the world of the fabulous 40s has been one that I can only describe as indescribable. There have been so many lessons learned through teaching, trial and error that I feel like a cap, gown and diploma from the School of Life is soon awaiting me.


On March 16, 2012, I hit the big 4-0. I’ve loved, embraced or either accepted everything that day would lead to. Now as I get ready to plan celebrations for the big 4-1 (if there’s such a thing as the big 4-1) I was thinking of things I’ve learned along the way at different stages in life. I can hear the little girl, young lady and semi-grown woman speaking back to me. Here’s what she said as she took me back down memory lane….

  • At Age 5-Naptime is a privilege. It’s truly the snooze you can use! You’ll appreciate rest more than you know, sooner than you’d expect.
  • At Age 10-Thank God for the biggest conflicts in life being who would hold the “Double Dutch” rope, which New Edition member was the cutest and which “Candy Lady” had the best pickles and Jolly Ranchers.
  • At Age 15-You are not ready for love. This is true since you had to drag a 50 feet, vanilla-colored phone cord to sneak and talk past 10pm. This is especially true since most of your “romantic” memories involved getting a high school “Candy Gram”, trips to the bowling alley, Cobb Midfield Six Theater and Quincy’s for yeast rolls, hanging at George Ward, Eastlake and Bessie Estell Park, and lots and lots of crying and confusion. In spite of it all, know that EVERYTHING will be alright!
  • At Age 20-Focus on school, not being social. The Citizen Club (your party club of choice) is gone and many of the culprits from your fraternity friends of choice either took a long time to finish school or were secretly studying while your friends and you were oogling over them. That final semester of 26 class hours, a part-time job and internship took more out of you than you knew. It didn’t have to be that way if you would have studied a tad bit more. (On another note, GIRL….the boys you didn’t want were the ones you needed. And it’s okay to put on a few more clothes. Yes, you were cute and all, but cute shines through, even being covered up…ijs!) Again, know that EVERYTHING will be alright!
  • At Age 25-Make the most out of connections. God granted you wonderful opportunities to meet amazing people from all walks of life. At this age, you’d interviewed stars, worked for an up-and-coming star, rubbed elbows with influential people from all around the country and made a difference in your community. Never pull the plug on people meant to be prominent in your life. On another note, crying will not make the wrong one come back. What it will do is mess up your day at work and make you have bags. Besides, by the time he does come back (and he will) you won’t want him. Dry it up and know that EVERYTHING will be alright!
  • At Age 30-Always be on guard and ready to defend your destiny. Whether it’s your health, finances, personal life, or calling stay ready to rumble and look remarkable while doing it:) Cherish friends and look for your assigned angels on earth each chance you get. God has stacked your deck with some heavy-hitters in the field of family and friends. Know that EVERYTHING will be alright!
  • At Age 35-Change is good, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Look for God in everything, even if it doesn’t make sense. Put your pain to work. It cost you enough, you might as well make it pay restitution. Share what you know. Learn to laugh again. Open your mouth and speak. Stay positive, even when people doubt you. Put family first. Be grateful. Know that EVERYTHING will be alright!
  • At Age 40-Know that EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING will be alright!



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