A Few Words for Women


In life, I ‘ve learned a lot about what makes women think, what makes us tick, what causes us trouble and what leads to our triumphs. For about half of my life, through gentle teachings or having full-fledged, WWF-style wrestling matches because of my own mind, I’ve been made aware of a God-given sense of compassion and empathy, and spirit of discernment concerning women from all walks of life. Once leading a Women’s Ministry for nearly ten years, and originated or organized dozens of programs geared toward the betterment of women and girls I’ve come to hear, see and know so much about who we are, and more importantly who the enemy desires us to never become. Plus, I’m a woman, a grown woman, and I’ve lived through some things both at the initiation of others and certainly self-induced.

I’ve learned that twisted thoughts about friendships and relationships is one particular area the devil has been able to cause havoc in our lives, especially regarding men and other women. Sisters (and that’s including all hues and heritages), we have to stop letting one or two bad apples spoil our bunch of blessings. We need our apples. We just have to master how to pick the right and ripe ones. So here’s the skinny:

  • Not every person is the same.
  • Not every situation is the same.
  • Not every outcome is the same.
  • Sometimes it may be right, but just not the right time.
  • You will grow from every “what just happened?!?!?”
  • No matter what pains we’ve endured we have to begin to open up again.
  • Despite what we’ve been through (or put ourselves through) there ARE still good men and women in the world.
  • All men are not “dogs”. In fact NONE are! Some have either just not peaked in the process of healing or maturity, or they simply were not the right companion for you.
  • There are genuine, made-for-you women who can and should be trusted as friends.
  • Not all women gossip, steal men, throw shade, lie or manipulate. Again, some have either just not peaked in the process of healing or maturity, or they simply were not the right friends for you.
  • No man, woman, boy, or girl, ghoul, goblin, gnome or “no longer need you in my life” should have the audacity or capacity to alter your heart to a state of total shutdown.


It’s time to realize that God desires us to have healthy, flourishing relationships with others. We were not sent here to fly solo, no matter who decided to jump ship. Believe that there are angels on earth assigned to be a part of that amazing plan. Open up. Let them in. Welcome newness. Be new yourself as often as needed.
My daddy always says, “One monkey don’t stop no show”. Well, I believe that one man or woman doesn’t either. The show, your show, MUST go on, honey!, with whatever colorful cast of characters God has chosen. As women, it’s time we learn our lessons, lose fear, leave bad habits, and LIVE our lives with those who were meant and sent to love us.



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