Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?


“Friends, How many of us have them?
Friends, Ones we can depend on.
Friends, How many of us have them?
Friends, Before we go any further, let’s be Friends”

Those are the lyrics from a very popular old school rap song by the debonair group Whodini. As a child (and fully grown adult) I would sing those words, bobbing my head to the beat, but I didn’t really realize just how powerful of a poetic masterpiece Jalil, Ecstasy and Grandmaster Dee really gave us.

I have been blessed with ALL kinds of friends. I realize now that absolutely none of them are just like me. I love that! Some are calm when I’m flustered. Some make me laugh after I’ve cried. Some have faith that’s outrageous and contagious. Some want to fight my battles when I don’t feel like it (and I’m not just talking spiritually:). Some have fashion sense that inspires me. Some I call “cayenne pepper” because they add spice to any situation. Some have survived trials I couldn’t fathom and some are still in the midst of storms, but dawning the most fabulous rain attire you could imagine.

Lately, I’ve realized I have another form of friend that I loving call my “receptacles”. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines receptacle as “one that receives and contains something : Container”. I define receptacle as a “glammed up, God-sent garbage” can! My receptacles are the friends that allow me to dump my trash on them. They listen sincerely, keep it a secret, then deal with the circumstances so the stench doesn’t affect me and the situation doesn’t infect anyone else. Don’t be fooled. Not just anyone can be your receptacle because not just anyone can carry and keep what you lay on them. And certainly not just anyone can make sure the trash always get taken out.  

Very recently I had to do a little dumping on one of my receptacles. I was hotter than an Arizona August! My receptacle listened. She laughed. She shared her testimony in the area I was talking to her about. She gave a little “the old me would have done this” story just so we both could see how far we’d already come. She offered to continue to pray. Most importantly she allowed me to say to her what I wanted to say to the person I wanted to say it to so I wouldn’t be tempted to say it to them because I knew I didn’t need to say it in the first place. At the end of that dumping session I not only felt better, but I felt encouraged to continue to lift the other person in prayer and make sure I don’t ever again allow my emotions to overtake me in that manner. Now that’s a friend!

So, to borrow again from the Brooklyn-based hip hop legends… “Friends, How many of us have them? Friends, Ones we can depend on. Friends, How many of us have them? Friends, Before we go any further, let’s be Friends”

-Angela Moore

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