Is the Next Thing the Best Thing?

Since 2011 I’d spent THOUSANDS of dollars on every Lymphedema garment, treatment and “trick” I could get my exceptionally large hand on. You name it, if I was told about it I tried it out because I was in pain and ready for relief. Lymphedema is a disease that causes swelling in certain areas due to accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissues of the affected areas. As you can imagine, with it affecting my right arm, my primary arm of usage I was desperate for help.

I embarked on a mission of research and heeding wisdom on what worked, what may work and what we would pray would work. I purchased gloves, sleeves, gauntlets, bandages, garments, compression shirts, leotards, gizmos, gadgets and the likes. I tried lots of things that were a blessing. I tried other treatments that simply drained my pocket. Through it all, the one glove that I loved is one that’s, well, how shall I say this…raggedy! It’s one of the first ones I purchased in 2011 and while medical standards probably would require me to have thrown it away long ago it helps me. It fits. It feels good. It’s worn out, and it worked so well that I rarely have to use it or any other garment at all anymore!

I’m learning that the same is so in life. Often the inclination is to abandon the old for the new. Whether it be a job, relationships, church or friendship, sometimes it too easy to say sayonara (goodbye:))
The moral of this story: Chasing the next big thing might cost you big bucks! What’s new is not always best for you.

Angela Moore

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