Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, we are, if you ask our Daddy! God says we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and made in His image to top it all off! But why is it our minds try to tell us otherwise from time-to-time???


I’ll be the first to say there have been times in my life where when looking in the mirror I didn’t like what looked back at me. I never reached the point of not loving who I saw, but liking…well, that’s a song of a completely different tune that I have to push out of my head every now and then. Those things that jiggle, wiggle, drop, flop, and flubber have been a pain in my, well, I won’t even say where, especially when it’s already so noticeable, but even with them something in me says I’m beautiful because my Daddy says so.


Weight gain hasn’t always been my burden to bear. The funny thing is, for most of my life it’s been just the opposite. I was affectionately called things like “Skinny Minny”, “Too Tall Jones” (my last name was Scott by the way), and the ever-so-popular “Slim”. Oh how I miss the days of actually being able to be called “Slim”:) Anywho, in college, I even went to the Russell Student Health Center (shout out to UA…RTR!) to see a trained physician to tell me how to gain weight. For a year or so I carried around peanuts and other treats in my purse, bookbag or whatever to help me pack on the pounds. (Unfortunately) It worked. (Where was hindsight when I needed it?!?!? Get it? Hindsight? LOL!)


Fast forward about a decade out of college and I ended up becoming sick with a potentially fatal thyroid disease that could have sent me home to see sweet Jesus. But it didn’t. Thank God! Instead it dropped off about 50 pounds that have been hanging on to me in some form or another since 2002.

All that said, I know both sides of the weight debate, and still I love me. I love every single component of me and embrace where each derived. When I look in the mirror I don’t see the bags under my eyes or the abundant hips that are trademarks of the Walkers. I don’t see the thinning hair trademark of the Johnsons. I don’t see my Scott nose, head and lips. I just focus on the “ME” that God made and loves, and that’s all I choose to see.

-Angela Moore

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