I Can Hardly Handle My Own Sin So I “Shole” Don’t Want Yours

Sin is one of those things that amazes me. As I sit here typing, as full as a newborn that just gobbled up 12 ounces of Similac, I realize eating too much (gluttony) is just as bad as any other hot button sin topic. I also realize that as humans we often feel the need to take on the sins of others as our own personal missions. It’s easy to pick on, point out and point the finger when people’s struggles differ from ours, especially if they are outwardly displayed. But that’s not Bible and it “shole ain’t” right.

As brothers and sisters in the Lord, our job is to pray, work on our own issues, live in a way that’s an example to others, encourage, work on our own issues (yes, I said it twice), operate in love and trust God to perfect His plan in all of our lives. It’s not our job to classify sins, ignore our own challenges, become stagnant in our own sin, condemn, condone, isolate or cast stones. The way I see it, if we focused more on extending a helping hand, dealing with our own slaps on the wrist or lifting our hands in prayer we wouldn’t have room to sling rocks and throw stones.

So I declare, I can hardly handle my own sin so I “shole” don’t want yours. It really is a handful focusing on my own deliverance, and that’s with Jesus having done most of the work. The time it would take for me to launch a full-on, hurtful or hate-filled campaign against someone who deserves the same amount of God’s grace that I do is just not on my to-do list.

-Angela Moore

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