I’m So “Pecking” Excited

As I furiously peck this blog, mostly with my left hand, while watching Live with Kelly and Michael I’m excited. For the first time since October 2012 I’m wearing my lymphedema sleeve and glove. Back then I wore it while flying to an amazing girlfriend getaway in West Palm Beach. Today I’m wearing it because I’m swollen and in pain. Still in pain, I’m so “pecking” excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

The human in me would love to whine and wonder why I have to deal with this lymphedema again when I thought I pretty much had this testimony under my belt. Spring is coming. This weekend is supposed to be warm. I have big plans to celebrate my birthday this month and the birthday of some close loved ones. I have a fabulous, sleeveless dress for my god-daughter’s wedding next month. Sundress season is almost here and a sleeve/glove set shall NOT be a part of my wardrobe!

I would love to use the sweet words of Sweet Brown (google it:). But, I’ve dealt with enough pop-up problems to know that they are often crystal clear indicators of amazing days just ahead. Like clockwork, I’ve reflected on my life and realized that pop-up problems serve a serious purpose:

  • Sickness has often preceded C-RA-ZY successes.
  • Losses have led to new jobs, platforms and purposes.
  • Family “matters” (i.e. drama) have ushered in beautiful, unforgettable memories.
  • Situations that looked hopeless have come just before undeniable miracles.
  • Tough times have ended with unforgettable vacations.

Pop-up problems work for me! Whether they want to be or not, I’m filing them under the “thanks for stopping by to drop of a blessing” category. A blog that usually takes 15 minutes has taken 41 minutes, but I peck, as a notice to the devil and anyone else who needs a reminder. I’m so “pecking” excited!!!!!!

-Angela Moore


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