I’ll Beat the Streets to Telling My Story


People have asked before why I “tell my business like I do”. Believe it or not, I’m extremely private, but I’ve grown to the level of developing transparency I have because I’ve also been on the other side of the fence standing by as someone else told my story, and quite honestly, told a few tales (i.e. lies) along with it. It’s nothing like having to hear someone else’s false, tainted or unauthorized remix of your life, as if they lived it and you didn’t. And you know some people pride themselves on “Your Life: The Remix”,  going all “P Diddy” on your bees-knees (that’s business, people:).


So I decided that I’ll beat the streets to telling my story. Hear say, he say and she say can’t even phase me. Before it can be spoken I’m going to already speak it. Before it can be written I’m going to already write it. Before it can be confused I’m going to already make it clear. Before it can be attributed to anyone else I’m going to make sure Jesus is at the center. Before any details are deleted I’ll be certain to give a good play-by-play. Before any true supporters are ignored I’m going to be certain to make sure they receive their proper “thank you”. I’m not going to use my words to be mean, recreate history, embarrass anyone or do anything that would ruin the testimony I’m sharing, but I am going to use my words. The way I see it is if I lived through it, fought for it, cried over it, worked hard for it, prayed for it, prepared for it, sacrificed for it, believed for it or waited on it I own the rights to it, and the right to be able to use it to help others and myself.

Now, Ves and Nette (my parents) didn’t raise a fool. I’m smart enough to know that not everyone can handle everything about my life, but I’m also wise enough to know how to tell just enough or tell it the right way for God to get the glory He deserves. Is it hard to do sometime? Yes.  Do I still struggle with what to say, when and how? Yes, indeed. Will I stop striving to tell my story? No sir. No ma’am.


So I encourage you to tell your story too. (Here’s a little secret. People are likely already talking so you may as well give them something accurate to talk about.)Sometimes we can be so bogged down by questions, that we don’t use the power we have in providing the answers before the nosey, I mean, inquisitive people come. Not that all people are “nosey”. Most genuinely care, are concerned, want to celebrate or find out how you did what you did so they can do it to. They’re connected to you and they care. So don’t rob the good grapes of your story because of a few bad apples in the fruit baskets.


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