God Promised He’d Do It, But He Didn’t Say How


God is so caring and loving, so and kind and comedic. It amazes me still the amount of times and the amount of ways He blesses us in ways that sometimes bewilder us, then often tickle us.

Nothing God does is ordinary, which should, by now, remind us that His ways truly are not our ways. But like clockwork, if you’re like me, you endure a challenge, pass the test (or so you think) then have the audacity to try to predict when and how the graduation celebration is going to be. NOT! God throws a surprise party like nobody’s business and that, my brothers and sisters, is a blessing!


Just because He doesn’t do it the way we want Him to do it doesn’t mean He’s not doing it BIG! Just because it feels like a burden doesn’t mean it’s not a promised blessing! Just because it’s trying doesn’t mean it’s not ours for the taking! Just because it tarried doesn’t mean it won’t be worth our time! Just because it’s frightening doesn’t mean it won’t turn out fun!


Remember, God promised He’d do it, but He didn’t say how. He doesn’t have to:)  He’s God. He runs this! We need not fret with the how, when, and why. Our focus should be on the fact that it’s already done, and done in wonderful ways better than our hearts and minds could have imagined.

God's timing


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