Relationships: The Remix

There’s nothing like a good relationship remix. You know the ones that started out one way and ended up another, or ended up one way and started over again? I’m not just speaking of romantic involvement, but good, old fashioned family and friends.


The best relationship remixes are the ones I couldn’t see coming even if I had Superman’s x-ray vision. I’ve had best friends that turned out to be boyfriends and ended up as true friends. I’ve had church members that ended up as close as family members. I’ve had club sisters that I now value as much as blood sisters. I’ve had critics that developed into cheerleaders. I’ve even had friends that morphed into frienemies and moved right back into friends again.

Recently I had an opportunity to catch up with a friend from college. We’d not talked in-depth in about two years, but during this latest conversation we laughed, reminisced and marveled at our maturity as if we were still at the Capstone (Roll Tide) chatting it up about who the other was dating at the time. Life (and a bit of juvenile tomfoolery) had taken our association into many different places, and intervals of breaks were a must. That good talk with this now better friend reminded me of a few things. God allows all relationships for a reason, and some He allows to take on many different incarnations in order to form a better appreciation of the mutual party involved. (Plus, He’s so good at knowing when to grant space for growth and bring together for even more growth.) That’s the beauty of any kind of relationship. Any person worth the investment of time carries some value. The payoff may be immediate. The return might be delayed. The maturation of the investment might even go up and down like the stock market, but God-ordained relationships are just that…ordained. Sometimes we never know the total intention of the association until the remix.  Now don’t be fooled. Some associations are simply not for us. Be done with those, count up the cost and keep it moving. However, in some relationships, sometimes the first go-round isn’t the last go-round or the only occurrence. Often, it’s just an introduction to something more beautiful, purposeful and meaningful to come.


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