It’s Time We Grow Up and Go On About Our Business

At times in my life some people have labeled me names that simply don’t fit. A documented introvert that’s also naturally very shy, I’ve been misread as stuck up, bougie, and even mean. Now, I’m not saying I haven’t had some “I can’t believe I treated that person that way” moments growing up like we all have. However, in my past, some have written me off, yet never met me. A few close friends have later admitted they didn’t like me before we met! I’ve even had “friends” to stop being my “friend” and to this day I still don’t know why. It used to HURT, but now I know either at the time I wasn’t being myself, or they didn’t really know…Me.
With so much true trouble in the world it’s past time for us to learn to look past our own vision to see the beauty of who people are… faults, flaws and flubs. You know, the notion of us being wrong about a person is not so far-fetched. I will be the first to admit that I have misjudged and prejudged people too. Some of those very people have come to be the biggest blessings in my life. Whatever our notions might have been we’re supposed to live, learn and leave childlike ways behind. It’s time we grow up and go on about our business. Even if a person has made an error, we owe them the love of the Lord. We might not like it, but we have to love them! You may not become bestfriends, but you can give them a break!
The very ones we’re leaving out could be the ones meant to be a part of our legacy. The weather changes. Styles change. Time changes and people change too. It takes a truly mature person to recognize and run with that notion. We don’t know who or what we might be missing out on messing with misinformation.
-Angela Moore

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