It’s Time for a Friendventory

There’s something about growing older and wiser in life and living that make things fall into perspective, whether you want them to or not. In preparation for the amazing rest of my year ahead, I’ve decided to do a Friendventory. What’s a Friendventory? I’m glad you asked.


Just like an inventory one would do at a store or business, a Friendventory is an opportunity to examine the value of, and investment in our relationships. It’s our chance to appreciate some things, shake some things up, move some things around, be rid of some things and count up the costs. A Friendventory is a chance to check ourselves and check our connections. Unlike the growing trend in society (social media to be exact) where people pride themselves of getting rid of others, this inventory is not geared toward that. And unlike times when it’s easier to focus on whether my friends deserve to be in my life I’m focusing first on making sure I am who I should be for them.

Here’s what I’m checking:

  • PURPOSE-Why are we connected? What’s the real deal? Are we on the same page with each other? Are all parties full participants? For what purpose did we really meet when we met?
  • PRIORITY-Where does the relationship fit in my life?  Is this a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly association and are all parties involved okay either way? Are there some restructures which might need to be made as we might have entered into new seasons in life? Do I need them and do they need me more or less than before?
  • PROVISION-What am I supposed to give to the other party in the relationship? It’s an exchange.
  • PROFIT-What am I supposed to gain from the other party in the relationship? It’s an exchange.
  • PENALTY-What’s the cost of a bad connection? And do I really want to pay the price? And on the flip side, what’s the cost of not making the most of a good connection? And do I really want to pay the price?

So there you have it…my Friendventory inventory “to-do” list. As I get ready for the blessings of this year and the presents that come along with it, there’s no better time than the present for me to check my connections and make the most out of the beautiful friends I’ve been blessed to have and those even, who are on the way.



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