The Road to Better Can Be Bumpy


Baby….if someone would have told me being grown and getting better was going to be like this I would have clung to my locker and my life as a carefree child and teen at Homewood Middle School and the Ramsay (Alternative) High School.
Today is my last day in the office at the YWCA. It’s been an amazing experience that has blessed me, stretched me and seasoned me beyond measure. On Monday, I’ll begin as Community Rep for STX Healthcare and I’m grateful. As excited as I am about the job, I’m more excited about the fact that I’m finally excited about the journey.
In 2003, I stepped away from a very lucrative and fulfilling career in Marketing and Public Relations to enter into the world of full-time ministry and non-profit work. Knowing I was doing something of God that was good for others and me I gleefully made that leap. I loved it, learned from it, lost because of it, was sick, was sick some more, was unemployed, was nurtured, helped nurture, was prayed for, cried, questioned, was scared, discovered and rediscovered supportive family and friends, drew to God, had a total life makeover, honed my voice, started writing, stopped writing and started writing again, and was restored through it all.
I realize that the job I start on Monday is more than a job. It’s proof of the promise that better is always ahead regardless of how bumpy the road to get there. So you might as well ride it on out!

-Angela Moore

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