The Little Girl is Now a Lady

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More than 12 years ago a little, squeaky-voiced girl with a ponytail, a pastel ribbon and a love for all things Winnie the Pooh bounced into my life and impacted it more than she’ll ever know. She wanted me to help her find a job. She ended up helping me find so much more.

The next several years would prove difficult for her siblings and her as they lost their beautiful mother, Roxanne. Proving to be the perfect administrator through life and even in her legacy, at the urging of the squeaky-voiced girl, just prior to becoming ill, Roxanne asked my former husband and me to be godparents. We accepted, having no idea what the future had in store.


With wonderfully loving and overwhelmingly supportive grandparents (beautiful Granny Agnes:), and others who loved her (shout out to DeAndria and Desmond for being amazing siblings), we all played our part to make it through her Sweet 16, two proms, a couple of (bad) boyfriends, high school graduation, curfews (and broken curfews), a couple of cars, interesting clothes choices, college transfers, a messy room, spiritual growth, personal transformation, meeting her lasting love (heyyyyyyyy Patrick:), seeing her graduate college, and her first career job. And now we’re here!

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I’m typing this now to hopefully avoid crying later this week as she walks down the aisle to begin her life as Mrs. Patrick Hassell. No longer the squeaky voiced little girl, Rakia L. Craig is now an amazing, loving, supportive, witty, generous and inspiring squeaky-voiced woman who, on Saturday, April 20th, will become a wife. That makes me happy, so very happy!

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7 thoughts on “The Little Girl is Now a Lady

  1. A Beautiful journey and it will not end on April 20, 2013. I am sure it will continue. Wishing the young couple God blessings as they start this wonderful journey together.

  2. Congratulations Rakia and Patrick on your upcoming wedding! Congratulations Granny Agnes, DeAndria and Desmond on being a supportive and loving family! And a Special Congratulations to Overseer and Angela for accepting the role of godparents and carrying out that responsibility in such an exceptional way. I know God and Roxanne are well pleased. May all of you be blessed above and beyond what God has for you. Love ya’ll!

  3. Such a wonderful post!! Oh, how i remember the squeaky voice and big personality in such a small frame! Congratulations Kia, i wish you and Patrick all the best!!!

  4. I saw an angel take a wink and smile, the angel said, look at my child. How beautiful she has become, Thank you Lord for my Little One. Even though I am not there with her, if she only knew,
    I dreamed long before I went to sleep, that her dreams would come true. I prayed for her, oh so hard, and knew that my little one would go far. And now as I look down this long crystal stair, I see my Rakia standing there. Ready now to make her transition, my baby girl is now a Mrs.

    Words from heaven….,

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  6. Reblogged this on Life Gets Better and commented:

    #TBT Happy 4th Anniversary to my amazing godchildren Rakia and Patrick. I love you all more than hot chocolate cake and a cold Coca-Cola!

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