Guilt, Be Gone!


How shall I say this? Guilt, be gone! For far too long many of us have walked around with a shroud of guilt over our heads that’s doing far more damage than good.

We feel guilty about poor choices. We feel guilty about how we think our actions affected our children or loved ones. We feel guilty about not being where we desire to be professionally, socially, financially or academically. We feel guilty about how we allowed others to treat us. We feel guilty about how others treated us even if we didn’t allow it. Some of us even feel guilty about being blessed.

Guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt! Guilt simply serves no good purpose. All it does is hinder and hurt. It isolates us from freedom. It distances us from people who can help. It clouds our minds with confusion and it deceives us into thinking we have the right or responsiblity to internally punish ourselves.

Let me be clear, should we have a conscious? Yes. Should we repent for past mistakes? Yes. Should we embrace God’s forgiveness and grace? Yes. Should we do whatever possible to correct things that should be addressed? Yes. Should we use those same tough lessons to teach life lessons to others? Yes. But in no way should we take the unauthorized authority to condemn ourselves, especially when help and hope are always our options.


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