A Simple Way to Pray


Bombings. Explosions. Shootings. Sickness. Financial Woes. Scandal. Natural Disasters.

Those were the topics that greeted me today during my early morning news watch. Immediately I thought. We need to pray.


Hammer hit the nail on the head, “We got to pray just to make it today.” But sometimes we just don’t know how. Many have “tried and true” ways to talk to God that have proven to work well in their life. For those that are unsure about ways to pray I’d like to propose that you:

P.     R.     A.     Y.

PAUSE-Constant communication with the Lord is key. It doesn’t have to always be routine or ritualistic. It just needs to be relational. As with anyone we value, love, trust and believe, more so with God we need to simply take the time to PAUSE often to speak to Him and hear from Him.

REFLECT-Let your prayer start with a reflection of God and your life. Tell Him who He is to you. Call on His many amazing characteristics. Recount His magnificent accomplishments. Remember His scripture. Shower Him with sincerely, sweet words. Tell Him your struggles.  REFLECT on all He’s done in your life and the lives of those you love.

ASK-Tell the Lord what you need and ASK Him for it humbly and faithfully. Know His word enough to know if what you want lines up with what He’s said then go for it. Be bold. Be sincere. Think of your true needs and the needs of others. Seek forgiveness, protection, provision, care, comfort, peace, healing, restoration and anything else you need. Ask it all in faith.

YIELD-Turn it all over to Him. After you’ve paused, reflected, and asked YIELD those prayers (and everyone and everything involved) to the Lord with total trust and belief that your God is able to do above and beyond what you ask or think. Surrender your plans to His purpose and your destiny to His unbeatable desires for you, and let Him handle His business.

-Angela Moore

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