Where Does the Hurt Go? Really, Where Does it Go?

Hurt is like garbage. It stinks! Just like garbage, we all have it! Even more like garbage, if you let it sit around without properly tending to it and taking it out it has the ability to stink up the place and the people that around it


There are many different ways to get rid of garbage.  We can use garbage bags, recycling bins, trash compactors, garbage disposals, toilets, dumps, composts or even burn it. The same is so with hurt.


There are many constructive ways to deal with what hurts us. There’s prayer, counseling, therapy, support groups, small groups, scriptures, help from loved ones, support from spiritual leaders, crying, screaming, releasing, reading, exercise, journaling, cooking, singing, testimonies from others, time and maturity, a fresh perspective, gratefulness, even a mediator if more than one person is involved. But like garbage, hurt has to get the heck out of dodge!


There are also many productive things to do as we to through the process to get over being hurt to make sure we are healed and not hindered in the present or future. We can focus on the future, make a list of the good that came out of what we endured, start a project, grow new healthy associations, turn that hurt into a new passion of support for others, start a positive blog, look for ways and reasons to forgive, use that time to redirect, redecorate or even relocate, write a book, spend time with family and friends that offer healthy support, tend to others that might have been affected by what happened, write a song, start a foundation, purposely strive to see the good in others, look for the humor in it, and so on.

The bottom line is, we all hurt or have been hurt. The levels of hurt, seriousness and severity of it might differ from person-to-person and situation-to-situation, but hurt happens. When it does, where does the hurt go? Really, where does it go? Hurt doesn’t disappear with time or vanish like a vapor on a hot summer’s day. It will stick around and stifle things for as long as we let it. Like stinky garbage, we have to do something with what has hurt us. It’s in our best interest long-term and short-term to do something beneficial with it before damage is done. We can profit from what caused us pain. We can do something with it since it’s already done so much to us. The key is to not get stuck, bitter, hopeless, cynical, fearful, untrusting, stagnant and “stanky” infecting or affecting all those who come near. The ticket is not letting past hurt affect future promises. We’re so much bigger than what hurt us. We deserve so much better than what hurt. It’s not what happened that really matters, but how we handle what happened that counts at the end of the day, and knowing that it needs to be and can be handled once, finally and for all.



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