I’m Hooked on Hope

Keep%20Calm%2020130426063853I’m not always happy. In fact, let’s just be real, sometimes my journey to joy is much longer than I would like. But there’s something deep down in the core of me that believes things can be better, wants to see the best in people and strives to find God in all situations.

A friend who was going through some serious personal struggles called a while ago and asked how I can be so happy and positive with all I’ve been through. I reminded her of my resumé, not the one on paper, but the one God’s prepared. Yes, I’ve had major, life-altering health issues. Yes, the routine of my life was interrupted and attacked in every area following a divorce. Yes, I’ve had financial obstacles that I still have from time-to-time. Yes, I’m not where I thought I’d be or worked to be by this point in life. Yes, close friends and family members have been dealing with unexplainable (and in my humbly, selfish opinion undeserved) struggles. Yes, I thought I was going to enjoy a new career with a base increase of $11000 (not including bonuses and perks) only to have to walk away. Yes, I’ve been talked about and walked out on by people I helped. Yes, times can be tough. But not tough enough to taint my view because, Y-E-S God is good. He was good through it all. He’s good right now and will be even better if I allow Him.

When we look at life from the perspective of having hope in the midst of whatever happens whatever happened has to help us much more than it might have hurt us. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I’ve decided to believe for the best. I can’t help it. I won’t stop it! I’m hooked on hope!

-Angela Moore

2 thoughts on “I’m Hooked on Hope

  1. Lovely. It is truly a blessing to be hooked on HOPE! I agree with you for I am also hooked on HOPE.
    Aunt Ann (TIT)

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