Don’t Get Burned By the Fires You Set


Let me tell you something. I know a thing or two about being hot-headed and quick-tongued. Did you just gasp? I know you did. I could hear it as I typed. I know. I know. It’s hard to believe that I have had a constant battle with holding my tongue or staying tame, but when you love using words as much as I do, don’t dare think that that same ability to use words doesn’t try to pop up at the must inconvenient, uncharacteristic times:)


Especially in the 90’s (i.e. my 20s), I was the victim of my own bout with Youneedtogrowupitis. I did a few things and said some things to people I loved, people I worked with, people I thought I loved, people who made me mad, or people who were people.

I’ve learned a few lessons I’d like to share:

  • Pray about it before you post about it or talk about it. You’ll be surprised how prayer according to God’s word will let you see you, and how to say things differently.
  • If you have to leave a situation (job or task) always complete the assignment. Never leave a job undone because of haste, bitterness or anger.
  • Even if you have to leave whatever it is you have to leave never leave in a way you can’t return and always leave them wanting you back. (That’s self-explanatory.)
  • Run your emotions by a voice of reason. Don’t go to people that are challenged in the “hold my mule” department like you are. Seek truly wise people who can help shape your words, actions or reactions to be most productive.
  • Take a day, or two, or three before firing off feisty emails or messages. You’re likely to see how to say it better if you take a day to let things settle.
  • Don’t burn bridges you may have to cross again. You never know where life might lead you again (and again) don’t be the reason you can’t get there or go back.
  • Walk the line between radical and rational. It’s okay to be radical, passionate, fired up and all that good stuff, but if you’re not rational with it all that good stuff flies out the window. People usually prefer calm over chaotic even in serious situations.
  • Don’t get burned by the fires you set. Think past the pain of your present situations to the future of what could be. Being burned by the actions of others is often out of your control. Being burned by your own actions? Well that’s a whole ‘notha ballgame that you don’t want to play. Okay? Okay.



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