The Circle of Friends

Friendship is amazing, at least the good ones are! To me the best ones are like the old-fashioned Shoney’s Hot Fudge Cakes, the first time you heard Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” or your first taste of a Quincy’s Yeast Roll. No matter your first introduction or last association they are simply unforgettable, and all serve a life-changing purpose.

I think back on some of my friendships, especially with the advent of social media, or at least my introduction to it:) I’m amazed at how many associations have come full circle, bringing new life to my life. Friends from school that I hadn’t regularly seen offer daily interaction on facebook, and some were there to even walk with me through recent trying times. Friends from college who weren’t really full-fledged friends in college are now sounding boards for amazing chat and chew sessions that to most are a secret. Former church family has morphed into sisters.  And the oldies, but goodies have always been present and accounted for in their irreplaceable place in my life. Even as we changed and our lives changed we’ve found ways to make it work. That’s a blessing!

I’m 41. Most of my friends are in the same age bracket. All of my friends have full, demanding and productive lives and I really don’t like to talk on the phone. (I blame it on the years of having to sneak a 50ft cord from the one upstairs telephone in my parent’s room to my room to whisper sweet nothings (literally) to whatever young man had stolen my heart or share the latest gossip with girlfriends of old.) With that said, I don’t often get to talk to or spend time with the special “extra” sisters in my life. But I love them none the less!

There’s really no rhyme or reason for this blog other than to dedicate it to my friends. I don’t ever want to boast or appear to brag because of the people God has blessed me to know and love. I sincerely pray EVERYONE had supportive friends and family in their circle. My friends and I have been through tough times with each other, and sometimes because of each other. We’ve defied odds and spiked all kinds of CRAZY curiosity with inquiring minds wondering “how” and “why” we’re friends.  And through it all, we are. I just want to simply say “thank you” for being in my circle of friends, for letting the circle go unbroken and for joining me in finding the Superglue to fix it during the times that it did. If you have been blessed with great friends let them know it:)

Enjoy some snapshots of our life. (And for friends who aren’t pictured below because I can’t find any pictures of us….that just means we have to do better…and VERY soon!!!)

-Angela Moore

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