How to Get What You Want


Shhhhhhh……I have a secret to tell that I simply can’t hold any longer. I’ve finally figured out how you can get what you want! If you’re like me, in life, sometimes you wonder why you don’t yet have what you want or need. Lately, not getting my way has been heavily on my mind. This blog post was originally posted in April 2013. I wonder why the Lord would have me read, and repost it again….


Here’s how you get what you want:

  • Pray about it.-Yep, that’s first and foremost.
  • Have a real relationship with those from which you expect to receive.- In other words, I bank at Regions therefore I should not expect to withdraw from BBVA Compass.
  • Give to others, even in your area of need.
  • Ask for it.-You’d be surprised the number of people who have given up or fallen out because someone didn’t ask for what they wanted or needed.
  • Be grateful for what you already have.
  • Sincerely celebrate those who already have what you want.-Keep a watchful eye out for the green-eyed monster (envy) and get rid of it.
  • Recognize if what you have is really better than what you want.
  • Figure out why you could be the reason for the hold up.
  • Fix the reasons why you could be the reason for the hold up.
  • Figure out if others in your life could be the reason for the hold up.-Are they not ready to handle what you’re about to receive? (And that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person:)
  • Determine if you have enough help in place to help you with what you want.
  • Prepare for what you’re praying for.
  • Don’t lose hope.
  • Don’t lose hope.
  • Don’t lose hope.



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