I Dare You to Say Something

There was an infectious song in the 80’s by the famous, family group DeBarge called “I Like It”! The lyrics went a little something like this:


I like the way you comb your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
It’s just the little things you do
That show how much you really care…

Now, while El and the crew were definitely talking about a romantic interest, how many times have you seen something good or thought something positive concerning another person and didn’t open your mouth?

Come on. I know you’re like me and have seen a woman with a cute pair of shoes, a nice handbag, or well-behaved children and said something to a friend about it, but not to the woman. Men, I know you all have seen another guy with a nice car, a nice jump shot or a great career and instead of offering a genuine compliment you try to compete. Why has it appeared to be easier to say someone thinks they’re “better than” someone else, roll our eyes or secretly covet rather than just compliment?

The things about compliments is that they are free and they seem to have an undeniable boomerang effect. You put it out there and it comes right back around to you! Offering someone a sincere compliment takes nothing away from you. In this day and age where people are Googling the price of other people’s items, robbing people for tennis shoes, spreading rumors on those they deem to have more than them, or simply just staying silent when they see something they like, I’d like to propose that we all step up our word game and truly tell people what we admire and like about them. You never know how your words will change someone’s life for the better. And if nothing more, it will certainly change your’s for the better. So I dare you to say something!!!

-Angela Moore

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