Live Life in Syndication


Malcolm Jamal Warner crossed my mind while driving up 65N this morning at 5am. Not because he was such a cutie as a kid playing “Theo Huxtable” on the Cosby Show in the 80s, not because I just watched one of my favorite episodes this weekend, not because I wondered if he is still dating “Brenda” from 227, but because I wondered how he’s living off of his Cosby money.

The answer to this query escapes me, and I really don’t want to take the time to Google it, but I’d like to believe that he’s faring quite well off of the Cosby Show’s amazing syndication run. In syndication since 1988, and shown as many times a day as a bad, payday loan commercial, the Cosby Show has to be one of the longest and most frequent running television shows in syndicated history. (or at least in my world:) That should mean that the cast’s payoff, whether in resources, respect or royalties for things they did years, and years ago has to be a blessing!


That’s how I want to live my life…in syndication. I want the works that I did, the acts of kindness I performed, the seeds that I sowed years, and years ago to continually pay off for me LONG after I’m grown up and gone on. Not that I expect them to provide exactly as they did during the time they were rendered, and not that I ever plan on stopping in trying to do well, but wouldn’t it be nice if, even in the effort to always progress, we were continually rewarded and awarded as if our good deeds were in syndication? Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived life so well, and in such a memorable way that long after seasons ended we still could expect harvests to reap? Yes, indeed that would nice, about as nice as an actual Gordon Gartrell shirt:)

-Angela Moore

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