Healing Doesn’t Take Away the Hurt

Life Gets Better


Here’s a little secret about healing, it doesn’t take away the hurt. I just heard you say, “WHAT the WORLD?!?!?” You saw what I wrote, “healing doesn’t take away the hurt.” Now, let me explain myself before you de-blog me.

I believe sometimes we are afraid to heal because we’re afraid that the healing might appear to others (or even ourselves) that we didn’t hurt, or love or truly lament the loss we experienced. Sometimes, I believe that we are reluctant to move forward because it might appear that whatever we’ve come out of (death, divorce, job loss, etc.) was warranted, wasn’t real, wasn’t a devastating blow or was what we desired.

Regarding the death of my marriage, I would often hear “Wow! You are doing really well”, or “You don’t even look like most people who’ve gone through a divorce”. This was from people who had no idea of what I had already…

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