The Blessing of Baby Steps


I have a dear sister/friend named Jan with a family member in need of a major healing. Loved ones are joining him in faith as he fights for his life, already having beat some odds, everyone seems poised to see him all the way through to victory.

The same doctor’s who once bore the grim task of having to explain devastating news that would send even the strongest of believers to their knees have also been the ones that have day-by-day delivered little bits of good news, glimmers of hope with a resounding tone of “baby steps”.

As much as the human mind or heart would like to discount “baby steps” because they often don’t appear grand enough, exciting enough or miraculous enough I had to stop and think about what a “baby step” really represents. Baby steps are a blessing!

Think about babies. Think about the first time you’ve seen the special baby in your life take a step forward, even if they fell again. It’s truly a cause for joyous celebration. I have been privileged to closely see the development of little loved ones who have made the daring task of walking. Regardless of it being uncomfortable, unfamiliar, unstable and downright scary they’ve done it, one by one. They walk, gain momentum, garner strength and confidence to go on. That’s a blessing!

I want to be the kind of person, like Jan and her family, that is grateful for the “little” like it’s the “big” they’re after. I want to be the kind of person, daughter, sister, or friend that celebrates the “baby steps” in my life and the lives of others just like I do the “leaps and bounds” because life has taught me that the God we serve is capable of using baby steps to operate like leaps, bounds and beyond!

-Angela Moore

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