Ready. Set. Blast off!!!!!


If you’re anything like me, I know it feels like forever has come and gone since you’ve made the kinds of moves in life you want to, and know you’re destined to. For me, as necessary as times of waiting are, lingering in seasons of being held up, put on pause, groomed, tweaked, reworked, purged or prepped can be hard to endure.

It’s like being on an airplane knowing you’ve paid for the ticket,  planned the route to your destination, stood in long lines to check in, put your laptop on the survey belt, taken off your shoes, jewelry and hairpins under your wig, gotten nestled in your seat with a good book, Gingerale and a comfy shoulder to lean on, gotten off the ground, taken a snooze, then had to land again for hours, but not at your final destination. Natural layovers can be the pits! Just being honest, but were it not for the occasional Cinnabon in the airports I frequent I would say airport layovers are one of my least favorite occurrences in life (okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get my point). Spiritual layovers can feel like the pits too.

In life when you feel like you’re ready to go and do and give and get and grow and have and handle and prosper and share and work and win who really wants to hear the words “Hold up! Wait a minute”?!?!?! I don’t. Now, the common sense and spiritual wisdom in me knows that Father knows best. God is much too much of a gentle-Man to give us anything before our time…hence the layovers.

Well, I’ve been hearing some new words. Words we’ve been waiting for: Buckle up your seatbelts and get ready to blast off in 3…2…1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Angela Moore

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