Did You Just Do a Wendy Williams?


Talk show host Wendy Williams is known for a lot of things, one of them being her assortment of wigs. She’s famous for pulling notes out of it, changing it up from day-to-day and adjusting her wig when it’s out of whack.

One day at lunch with my friend Charmel Taylor talking about a great business partnership she was setting up for me I did a “Wendy” as I often do. I pulled down the front of my wig from where it had obviously started moving in a direction it should not have. She immediately noticed and asked/exclaimed, “Did you just do a Wendy Williams?!?!?!” My answer was, “I sure did!”

It had been a long day. I’d been up since 4am and at work since 6am. My hair accessory needed help!!!! How many people can you feel comfortable around fixing what’s wrong in your life? How many people do you allow to inquire about your process of becoming better without shutting down, getting an attitude or accusing them of being “nosey”? I hear you giggling and I know you’re thinking that a wig is something trivial, and in some regards it is, but the principal of wig fixin’ and life fixing are pretty much the same.

Everyone, no matter how great, powerful, old, wise or successful needs people they can allow in to see them make things right. Why, you ask? I’m glad you did.

  1. Others may see things you don’t. Now, had I adjusted my wig in the middle of Surin West and made matters worse I’m certain my friend would have pointed out if my piece was not at place.
  2. Others may be encouraged by what you allow them to see. Not that my friend’s ponytail was messed up, but seeing me do a quick-fix might have prompted her to check to make sure her coif was correct.
  3. Others may be able to help. Not to be confused with #1, even if my friend might have noticed my wig issues she might not have been the one assigned to help me get it on track. There may be an entirely different group of hair angels sent to help me get my mane managed.

I’ll never know any of the above person unless I allow some people to really know me…messed up wig, messed up situations, and everything in between and underneath. (Get it? Underneath, like the hair under my wig that needed fixing?) .

-Angela Moore

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