Be Quicker to Question Than to Quit


So many times when life happens we try to leave or let go.  Whether it be trouble at home, trouble with people, trouble on the job, trouble at church or even trouble within ourselves the natural inclination is often to quit. At least from my experience, often times the sudden response to “duck out” or “dismiss” comes from an innate desire to want to protect our feelings.

Yes, life can be hard, but through it we become stronger. Yes, life can bring surprises, but some turn out to be blessings. Yes, life and the people in it can present challenges, but most usher in opportunities for growth. Yes, life can be unfair, but there’s a beauty in patience. Yes, there will even be situations and circumstances that we ABSOLUTELY need to leave behind, but I would like to propose that before we parade off, cast out, walk out on or away from something that we may not need to, or may not need to depart from in the manner in which we are planning we ask a few questions. I propose we ask the following questions then take time to talk and listen to the people or parties involved, in fact, take as much time working trying to find a solution as was taken recognizing the problem and most importantly allow God to give direction and clarity.

  1. What does Scripture say about what I’m going through? Who’s already in the Bible with a “been there, done that” seal of approval that I can learn from?
  2. What makes me so special that God would trust me enough to allow this to happen to me? What glory is He after?
  3. Who am I supposed to meet in the midst of this madness that can help me?
  4. Who am I supposed to meet in the midst of this madness that I can help?
  5. What benefit might this situation bring me?
  6. Are my emotions or thoughts accurate? Could my analysis be in accurate?
  7. Have I gone through the right channels to communicate and/or rectify?
  8. What life-long lessons am I to learn during this situation?
  9. Should I stay, go or pump the breaks of decision making just a tad bit longer?


-Angela Moore

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