Child Please!

It’s coming! In the words of the Jackson 5, “Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it?!?!?” Summer’s about to hit us and depending on what part of the world you call home that also means hotter temperatures, and fashions gone wild.

Let me just say that long ago in a far, far away world known as The Land of My Teens and 20’s I was a “skintight”, “bare as you dare” Diva with a capital “D”! Tube tops showing practically everything below my upper rib bone? Child Please! I did it! Super short shorts and even shorter skirts on my 5’9 body? Child Please! I did it! Mega tight can’t breathe, can’t move dresses? Child Please! I did it! Backless frocks to the lowest part of my spine that would make the sight impaired blush? Child Please! I did it! Clothes so revealing that my daddy had to hide one of my dresses that ended up fitting my sister (who ss actually nine years younger)? Child Please! I did it!

Notice how I cleverly refrained from posting any of those frightening photos:)

While I ventured into the form-fitting arena quite often, I never had a desire to wear clothes that were too big or masculine in style, perhaps, except the tie I would wear to work at the Cobb’s Midfield Six Theatre. However, today there also seems to be an overwhelming amount of attire that doesn’t distinguish the women from the masses. I get the concept of comfort and individuality all day long, but I believe there are certain features about us that are meant to be gracefully embraced, not totally embedded. Also today, there are hodge-podges of “tight is right” and “loosey goosey” styles that seem to have swept the world of little girls, teens, young women and grown girls by storm.

Now before you start to think that I’ve turned into an old, complaining prude that rests on terms like “back in my day” or “when I was younger”, I haven’t. Child please! I think young girls should be confident and comfortable and cute, and can be all of those at the same time in a manner that makes them who they should be, and how they should look at that stage in life. I still think grown women should be fierce and fabulously beautiful, but with taste and distinction (and a choice of selections of appropriate sass, uniqueness, comfort and flare). I think it’s possible to catwalk down the fine line of fashion and appropriateness, strutting to the tune of individuality, uniqueness and crazy creativity and look good while doing it. That, my sisters and sisterettes is what I believe makes one not just a woman, but a lady!

And so it is that I happened on the words of Marilyn Monroe and have nothing more to say:



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