Doors Fly Open When Walls Fall Down

Life Gets Better

I had an interesting business meeting today that could possibly place me in position to return to doing something I love, and be compensated at least part-time for the time being. The meeting was scheduled and rescheduled a few times because of various reasons, but truth be told, any meeting (and many meetings) should have been held long before today. So what was the hold up? M-E

Today, I was reminded of this little quote I wrote as I pondered my future, “doors fly open when walls fall down.” You see, I could easily blame a man, the man, or anybody else for me not moving on those things that concern me, bring me joy, are part of my gifted purpose and my destiny. But at the end of the day (it’s actually 5:23pm as I type so I guess this blog is most fitting), I am responsible for waking up and making…

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