My Friends are Like Good Gumbo

This revised post is in honor of National Best Friends Day!

Life Gets Better


In honor of National Best Friends Day I did the Diddy on this post (remixed it) and am telling the world about my super best friend!


The path to joy and happiness is made so much richer by the hands and hearts that help you get there. The only problem is, sometimes it’s hard to put yourself in position to receive the right people to walk that path with you, even if their strut is different from yours. Being a friend can be hard. You have to be open, honest, transparent, willing to listen, and available to build/maintain relationships. That can be challenging even for the friendliest people. It can be even harder to trust friends to walk all the way with you without letting thoughts of cynicism and fear creep in. Especially as women, we sometimes buy into the myth that women can’t be friends. That’s not so, I tell you. It’s simply not so.

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