Can a Sister Get a Chance to Change Please?



Why is it some of us will allow a man to come into our lives, leave our lives, dibble and dabble back into our lives, leave again and boomerang back in but for some reason find it difficult to allow the same opportunity for lessons learned, maturity, redemption and plain ol’ growing up for our fellow women? I frequently ponder why what we accept of men, and what we expect from women is often drastically, and sadly so different.

Not accepting that people, especially our sisters, can and often do change not only does a disservice to the person we’re keeping trapped in a time capsule, but it also does a disservice to us. We may be missing out on a testimony and an opportunity to see what God, time and healing can do. We also are possibly missing out on the obvious fact that at some point in our own lives we had to grow from where we were to get to where we are. By NO means am I saying to take off our spiritual glasses and walk blindly with every woman in which we come in contact. (Some people, men and women, simply are not purposed to have a presence in our lives and God will clearly tell us that.) What I’m suggesting is that we tweak our “I see you” prescriptions just a little bit more and really see people through the eyes of God to make sure we’re not missing the ones who have actually…wait for it…wait for it…been changed.

To me, women are like flowers. Just because a seed had not bloomed the last time we saw it months or years ago doesn’t mean it hasn’t beautifully sprouted since. Women are like hair. Not all hair,even on the same head grows at the same rate.  But that doesn’t mean we cut off the strands that can’t keep up. If anything we work harder to care for them until they catch up.

Just like fashion, the weather, hairstyles, gas prices, time, and the menu at Seasons 52 women can change. It’s up to us to give them a chance.

-Angela Moore

2 thoughts on “Can a Sister Get a Chance to Change Please?

    • Thanks so much!!! I miss chatting with you and frantically coming up with press releases and the likes. Let’s get together soon! I still am very intersted in coming to talk to the students next year. I want to give back:)

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