He’ll Give You What You Want When You Need It


In December of 2012, I purchased a Groupon for a trip to Destin, Florida. Known by many as one of my favorite vacation spots, the Groupon allowed two nights stay for the price of one at one of the premier resorts in town.

More than four times between December and March I tried to redeem the Groupon before the increased value option ended. One time was cancelled because I was sick. Another time was cancelled because my nieces were sick. Another time was cancelled because the temperature in Florida was colder than it was in Alabama. Lastly, the final time it was cancelled was due to threats of severe weather.

I’d decided in my mind that even though I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to Destin, the timing obviously wasn’t right. Fast forward several months and on a whim, in desperate need of a getaway, a few family members and I decided to pursue a trip again. Most hotels were booked and other prices were astronomical because of the holiday weekend. I thought, again, that the escape we needed would escape us.

I remembered that I was blessed to be able travel to Destin a couple of years ago at the hands, and through the hearts of some gracious and generous people who donated a trip that I won for outstanding sales while working for the United Way. When I took the temporary job with the United Way my ex-husband had just left, I was without a job, insurance, or clear cut direction for my future. By the time I finished the job and won the trip, God was clearly showing that He had my back. Having had a wonderful experience during that trip to Destin, I searched through my emails, found the contact person’s information, said a quick “please Jesus”, and asked if the unit we’d previously lodged in was available. This wasn’t your ordinary condo. This was a spectacular, 3000 sq. ft. penthouse apartment with amenities that would make Diddy blush. It was simply breathtaking! I knew because it was a holiday weekend, and because my request was given with very short notice the answer was possibly “no”. And it was…sort of.

Not surprisingly, the unit we’d previously enjoyed was not available.  But the TOP FLOOR penthouse just above it was, and for MUCH LESS than the advertised “peak season” rental price! Words can’t describe how excited, grateful, expectant, and downright giddy that made me. I thought the ninth floor penthouse was the best I would ever experience. God knew differently, elevating us to the highest level with a “deluxe apartment in the sky” George and Louise Jefferson-style.


Boy, oh, boy, did I need to see Him do that in my life. This year, in particular has been a year of “not yet” for me. I’m not going to lie. That’s been a hard pill to swallow. Things I tried, wanted, needed or desired, like a vacation, were just at my grasp, then put on pause. I questioned. I cried. Yes, I even doubted would things finally turn around for me. I wrote about testimonies of others big or bigger and wondered in the back of my mind why mine were still on lay-away.


From the sale of my house that didn’t go through, to a lucrative, new job that only lasted one week because it wasn’t what was best for me, to a public relations freelance opportunity that wasn’t feasible for my schedule I’ve heard God say “not yet” quite a bit the first part of this year. Talk about trying a girl’s patience. But then, His “not yet” turned into a NOW with something as simple as a roadtrip! None of the above things have yet to come to pass, but I believe if He can do it for me through a four-day vacation (that could have only been a two day vacation) that I’m embarking on with $40 cash in my pocket, a shared piece luggage, two cameras to capture memories and full expectation that greater is still in store, He can absolutely do it in other areas of my life when the time is right.


In all of my attempts to go on my own terms, God had greater in store for my trip to Destin. I believe the same for my destiny. It’s not because I deserve it. It’s not even because I had sense enough to asked for it. It’s because He knows how to give us what we want when we need it.

-Angela Moore

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