I Believe You Are Beautiful!


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! There I said it. If you’ve ever wondered if anyone notices you take note that I do. I believe you are beautiful!


Your beauty has nothing to do with your large thighs or tiny legs, your protruding teeth or lack thereof, your wild and curly or straight and thinning hair, your widening hips or big lips, your height or width, your skin tone or skin disorders, who loves you and who doesn’t, what you have and what you want, your real weight or driver’s license weight, your age, race, or how much make-up you put on your face.


Your beauty has all to do with what’s on the inside of you. It’s the struggles you have overcome. It’s the faith you hold on to. It’s the wisdom you have gained from what almost wore you out. It’s the stories you’ve lived through that people wouldn’t even believe. It’s how you sacrifice sleep for the sake of your seed. It’s how you manage to stay alive and living after dealing with death. It’s how you feed your family on your limited income. It’s how you give to others even in times of lack. It’s how you take in and lovingly rear those that weren’t born of you. It’s how you volunteer when you can’t find a job. It’s how you pressed through the painful process of forgiveness.


Your beauty bursts out of how you decided to go back to school, back to work or back to whatever you needed to go back to in order to continue to get better. It’s how you love, even those that appear to be unlovable. It’s how you love yourself even when the world (or your own mind) tells you not to. It’s how you smile, with creases forming in the corner of your eyes often serving as a reminder of times when tears once took over. It’s how you took control of your health…spirit, soul and body. It’s how you choose to keep the peace and stay positive. It’s how you’re present in life after all you’ve lost. It’s how you still manage to laugh at, and tell a few funny jokes. It’s how you have a little sway in your hips even on days that it’s hurting to remind the world that you’re still fierce. It’s how you made it through what you thought you wouldn’t make it through that makes you beautiful!


Yes indeed. I believe YOU are beautiful!


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