You Better Re-Read Your Resume


You, yeah, you….This is not the first time you’ve been where you are so get back up and get going!

Yes, things may be wild and crazy now, but you’ve been down this road before have the T-shirts, pictures, and posters to prove that you made it.


So gone ‘head (as some of my southern sisters say) and re-read your resume. Look at it and look at it good! You’ve already passed this test…yes, that test, the one you’re in right now!


Before you had your first job you didn’t have a job. Before you had your first spouse you didn’t have a spouse. Before you had a bank account you didn’t have money in it. Before you did whatever you did you’d never done it before. But YOU DID IT and you can do it again. Even better, God fixed it once and He can fix it, remix it, remake it or restore it again. When life gets crazy you better re-read your resume and recognize just how good things have turned out and how great they can be!



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