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Being divorced has caused me to learn, know and re-learn things I’d never thought I would. As I spent time folding several loads of clothes that I alone was responsible for washing (after all I wore them), mopped my floor with a lymphedema swollen hand, decided what I would eat for dinner and cook for dinner tomorrow, balanced my one-income checkbook, surveyed my house for much-needed repairs and the list goes on I thought, “whew, I could use some help”. Then I observed a loved one with the daunting task of rearing children in a less than ideal situation. I recalled a few couples going through marital problems that could destroy years of friendship and true love. I considered the several friend who took on the role of mother for a child or children belonging to someone else and reared them with no prior experience. I remembered friends and family taking care of their elderly, ailing parents with limited support and strength. I’ve listened to friends and associations talk about the painful effects of child abuse, sudden death of loved ones and other tragedies. I thought of a senior citizen, widow facing life-altering decisions, and I thought, “whew, we ALL could use some help”.

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Help is one of those tricky subjects that can either build a great bridge, or, if allowed bring about some tremendous barriers. I’ve seen communities come to the rescue of others during times of tragedy. I have been the recipient of help in times when I needed it and have been a participant offering help to others when they had need. I’ve seen people overcome tremendous obstacles because they made the choice to open their hearts and minds to seek and receive help. Those are blessings.

On the flip side of the proverbial coin, I’ve seen people decide that where they are is as far as they will or want to go and opt out of the option to allow others to help them. I’ve seen some choose not to share what needs were present preventing help in the nick of time. I’ve witnessed people not open their hearts or hands to extend help when it’s been asked. I’ve also had people become quite angry with, and even stop speaking to me because they “felt” I didn’t provide them the help they expected of me (regardless of what was going on in my life, or the years of help I might have rendered in the past). Cases like those are definitely unfortunate barriers.


I sincerely pray that regardless of where you are in life that God give you ample and adequate help in whatever areas you most need it, and opportunities to offer help. I hope you are open spirit, soul and body to receive help, not just for yourself, but for the sake of all who are affected and influenced by what you are going through and how you handle it.

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