Can You Stand the Rain?

Heavy Downpour

In my mind I’m waving my hands in the air, and waving them like I just don’t care as I hum the tune to “Can You Stand the Rain?” by my all-time fav boy band New Edition. Today is a rainy Alabama day that greeted me at 3:30am with the sound of torrential showers beating over my roof, the heavy thump of thunder and bolts of lightning dancing in the sky. This morning made me think of this blog post previously published in 2013 and, of course, New Edition.


Let me just say this. Rain has gotten a bad rap. In the summer of 2013, particularly in my home state of Alabama, we had a lot of rain. A whole lotta rain!!!! Yes, rain caused a few plans to change. Yes, rain can be so very unexpected. Yes, rain messes up hair like nobody’s business (even if your present hair of choice can be swapped out or put on a shelf). Yes, rain is hard to see in and even harder to drive in. Yes, rain (and its companions thunder and lightning) can be a little scary, but we need the rain. I found that to be especially true this summer of 2014 when rainy days were hit and miss in our area causing lakes to dwindle down, grass to wilt and crops to grow to less than stellar stature.

The Rain Room Is Unveiled At The Curve Inside The Barbican Centre

The inner child in me who had many a play day ruined by rain is rebelling as I say this, but rain is not so bad. Rain provides the perfect backdrop to rest. Rain is the ideal setting to slow down. Rain, responsible for ruined plans, allows creativity and often special memories that wouldn’t ordinarily be. Rain is at the center of replenishing some of our favorite playgrounds…beaches and lakes. Rain is the old-school version of a modern-day splash pad. Rain is responsible for illuminating the sky with rainbows. Rain allows things to grow. Rain cleanses. Rain is a free carwash. Rain washes away that which shouldn’t be, and at the same time can usher in those things which should. Rain provides much need refreshment and nourishment. Rain is a guaranteed sign of harvest, abundance and reaping to come. I’m grateful today for the rain!


When asked, “Can You Stand the Rain”, my favorite guys, New Edition were speaking of the rain of relationships. That can be pretty interesting, needed and nice at the same time too. But the rains of life can provide just as much refreshing as those of relationships. So, channeling my inner Ronnie DeVoe (my fav of my favorite group), I’ll ask “can you stand the rain?” Are you really ready to receive a pouring down of blessings or reap the bounty from enduring the storms? Having had my fair share of financial, emotional and physical times of “drought” in my far and not too distant past, at this age and stage in my life, I’d say I certainly can!!!! Again, today, I’m grateful for the rain.


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