Flourishing From Failed Relationships


Failed relationships are something we all have in common. It’s something that hurts, but if we allow it to can help. Often we look at romantic relationships as the only ones where failure affects us. I would like to say that any relationship that was a part of who you are, whether it was a family relationship, a social relationship, a relationship in a spiritual setting or of a career nature, can be of benefit to you whether they flourished on their own or you had to learn to flourish when they didn’t last. The time has come for us to take a good look at our relationships to see what went wrong & why. Be it romantic, church, family, work or social the common denominator in them all was US. When a relationship ends we have to take the leap to go deeper and look at ourselves, in spite of and despite the others involved.


So ask these simple questions…

  • Is the problem really all them or could some of it actually be us?
  • What did we do right?
  • What did we do wrong?
  • What should we learn?
  • Who should we let go?
The above are all questions that any person desiring to profit from the pain of a failed relationship should ask, and ask often. When things fail, we have to stop placing blame. We have to stop hiding behind cynical remarks and inappropriate feelings expressed prematurely or immaturely. The best way to flourish from a failed relationship is to thank God for the experience, look to learn from what happened, and share what we’ve learned with those in need of knowing in a healthy and appropriate way. Once He’s shown us what lessons are to be learned we have to learn them, let go of the harmful effects of the experience and use it as fuel for our next journey.
Focusing on the journey ahead is the best way to prevent the spread of the negative effects of a failed relationship. We have to keep our eyes on what counts and who counts, and use what counts to pay off for us.
Carrying negativity from our failed relationships is like a nasty, vile virus spreading to all with whom we come in contact. We never know who we’re infecting when we open our mouths with negativity. If we had a cold we’d have to COVER OUR MOUTH. The same is so with relationships that didn’t go the way we wanted. Unless we’re opening our mouths to share the goodness of the association and what we’ve learned from it we should pretend like we have a cold, cover our mouths and flourish from our failed relationships.
close your mouth

2 thoughts on “Flourishing From Failed Relationships

  1. What a brilliant blog post, an a very trasparent persepctive. There is life in the failed relationships, when we take the time to investigate “what went wrong”. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

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