Forgiving: The Gift That Keeps on Giving (REMIX)

Life Gets Better


I had a vivid dream about finally being able to face someone who greatly disappointed me.  This person was someone others and I held in high regard and, while the person didn’t directly hurt me, the individual didn’t use the opportunity and authority they had to prevent me from being hurt by another, but in fact was a participant in encouraging or not discouraging the “unwise” acts to be done.

Many times as the “unwise” act was playing out, I thought long and hard specifically about what I would say to this person (not the direct hurter, but the indirect one), how I was going to say it, who I was going to let know what I said, what fancy words I would use as I said it and how good it would feel to let this person have it! Let’s just say I’d made up my mind to read this person from…

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