The Truth About the Truth


The truth hurts! That’s not just a cliché’, but it’s often actually a true statement. Telling the truth, hearing the truth, being open to the truth, digesting the truth, standing up for the truth, seeking the truth, all, truthfully, can feel like you’ve been sucker-punched, WWF-style circa 1989.


The truth is one of those things that can evoke so many emotions. For the releaser of the truth it can bring about fear, second-guessing, anxiety and a myriad of other feelings. For the receiver of the truth (especially when it’s unexpected or goes against what was believed to be the truth) it can bring about anger, isolation, distrust, and so many other unhealthy feelings. Those facets of the truth are especially true in relationships, where pre-conceived notions, hurt feelings, past baggage or stubbornness, pride and other issues come into play.


Here’s a little nugget to ponder. We all need those that love us enough to tell us the truth and those we love enough to let the truth be told. And in the words made famous in Do the Right Thing, “And that’s the double truth, Ruth!”



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