In Whatever State I Am…


If I’ve done it once I’ve done it a thousand times…COMPARING!!! It’s so hard sometimes to just be happy where we are with what we have. Knowing we would be challenged in that area the Bible breaks it down simple and plain, basically saying be good with what we’ve got.


Philippians 4:11  (NKJV) says… Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content


I’m truly aiming to reach the “in whatever state I am” state. But why is it we think we’re the experts on the life we could have when it’s possibly not the life we should have?

  • Singles may think marriage is a better life because they’ll have more money coming in. I’ve been married and not had enough money just like I’ve been single and not had enough money.
  • People growing up in single parent homes may feel like people from a two-parent home have it easier. While it is a tremendous blessing having two parents in the home, growing up in a single parent home is not an automatic indicator of failure or struggle just like growing up with two parents isn’t an automatic indicator of victory or success. I truly, truly appreciate my parents for staying together and rearing us well, but as nice as it was, for me, growing up in a two parent home also meant two whippings (or whuppins) when I did something “cra-cra”.
  • Heavier people think being thinner will make them happier. Some thinner people think if only they had a little more weight they’d be “fine”. Let me tell you, I’ve been too big and too little and neither are a walk in the park.
  • People from the south want to go north. People from the north want to go south. People from the east can’t wait to go west and people from the west…well, I hear they’re pretty happy out there so I guess that’s a moot point:)

The bottom line is we have to be good with what we have until it either gets better or gets gone.



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