Stay Still If God Says So

Staying still can be a struggle, especially when it comes to a career! Whether it’s needing a job, desiring a new job, dealing with difficult people, feeling unappreciated or wanting increase from our present job it can be HARD to “hold your horses” when it comes to work. Sometimes we want to be quick to quit!


Life is showing me that the more we wait, the more God is working things out on our behalf. While we’re in a hurry, He’s strategically picking the right job, the perfect parking place & office space, premium benefits, the classiest business cards, the best co-workers, the ideal salary, the tastiest free lunches, an optimum schedule, the best window view, divine connections, plans for growth and mobility and the list goes on. More importantly, He’s also using right where we are to teach us patience and discipline, to line us up with people He desires us to influence with our presence and even to connect us to people who can help birth our promises.


Our jobs are the places we spend a great deal of our lives. If you’re like me, your job even follows you home most days after you’ve left it. It’s what we studied for in school for years, trained for, paid to be able to do, prayed for, rejoiced over….and still, there’s often an innate urging to want to move concerning our careers when we think it’s time. Sometimes desiring better, different or more in our careers can override the need for us to trust God and His timing. There’s a reason behind every move of God, even if that move seems like it’s not moving.

Earlier this year, I left my job for one WHOLE week to pursue another job that paid a considerable amount of money more. (When I say considerable, I mean considerable!) But during that week away I wasn’t happy, and knew without question that I’d made the wrong move. Thankfully, I made that wrong move the right way and was able to return to my old job, but that didn’t help me debate, and doubt what I was going to do concerning the reason I moved in the first place (money).  I just had to trust, and so I did. I’m not saying that the time won’t ever come in life when we’re supposed to make a move concerning careers, but the “in between time” can be the best time of life to let God prepare the best for our life. The moral of the story is: We never know what God is setting up while we’re sitting still.



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