He’s More Than a Daddy


Sylvester Scott is… the youngest son of 10, a childhood cotton picker, a former housing project resident, a delayed school starter and accelerated learner, an adolescent golf course attendee, and a night school goer. He’s a McDonald’s worker for years, an international Navy man, a provider for his kin, a college graduate, a proud Omega man, a history buff and rememberer of all things. He’s Ves, Slim, Mr. Scott, Daddy Scott, PaPa, Poppa Scott and so many other terms of endearment. He’s the epitome of a husband, a father, a friend, a financial expert, a decades long government employee, an “I will build two houses from the ground up for my family” man, a street-wise, hip you to the game guy, a surrogate father to those who grew up without a dad like he did, a mean kitchen dancer, a hilarious comedian, the best Heinz 57 Sauce baked chicken cooker, a prayer, a protector, a brain surgery survivor, an abundant compliment giver, a doting man, a football and reality show watcher, a super grandparent, a believer in Christ and first man to ever love me. He rocks!


He’s more than a Daddy, Sylvester Scott is my hero and September 7 marks another year we’re blessed with his presence, wisdom and love here on earth. Since his recent sickness and brain surgery each day and year are that much more special. Happy Birthday Daddy! May this day and year be sweeter than you sneaking a piece of pound cake, and leaving a trail of crumbs in the middle of the night despite your diabetes. You are loved, sir! Yes, indeed you are.

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