I’ll Beat the Streets to Telling My Story

Life Gets Better


People have asked before why I “tell my business like I do”. Believe it or not, I’m extremely private, but I’ve grown to the level of developing transparency I have because I’ve also been on the other side of the fence standing by as someone else told my story, and quite honestly, told a few tales (i.e. lies) along with it. It’s nothing like having to hear someone else’s false, tainted or unauthorized remix of your life, as if they lived it and you didn’t. And you know some people pride themselves on “Your Life: The Remix”,  going all “P Diddy” on your bees-knees (that’s business, people:).


So I decided that I’ll beat the streets to telling my story. Hear say, he say and she say can’t even phase me. Before it can be spoken I’m going to already speak it. Before it can be written I’m going to already write it. Before it…

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