It’s About Time for a Mentor (or Two or Three)


I was lamenting the other day about needing a professional/civic mentor. Most of my life I’ve been blessed to have super-wise people in my life helping direct and correct me for whatever professional or social season of my life I was in. Whether it be school teachers like Mrs. Gladys Williams at Edgewood Elementary School, Professors like the amazing Paul Delaney from the University of Alabama, or my marketing maven Marcia Twitty and former hospital president Charlie Faulkner from Baptist, I’ve rarely been without guidance to support the guidance I receive from my parents.


Entering into the first leg of my professional career, I was blessed to make connections with great people much, much wiser than I in the media, public relations/marketing, and community service.

It wasn’t until I started working in ministry full-time for seven years that I found myself feeling like an island…a far, far away island. That was not a good feeling. Many attempts at reaching out to and securing mentors (outside of the awesome pastor’s wives in my bloodline) were unsuccessful. As life would have it, it turns out that I wouldn’t be in that role long anyway. So that wasn’t much of an issue. But now, at this stage of life, having started anew three years ago, I would like a mentor, or two or three.

I’m a firm believer that if Jesus had a crew I need one too. I have super friends, with great strengths, listening ears, wise advice, strong opinions and lots of life’s experiences that support me. I have wise, loving, caring, honest family members who mean the world to me. But professionally and in my passion for community service I’m lacking and I don’t like it.


I believe we all need professional people and a civic support walking with us and before us to help us get to where we’re going. The problem is, I’m not sure of how to get to where I want to go, or if where I want to go is a lay-over or last destination. I’ve done so much, do so many different things at work and want to do so much more in life. So I’m going to be peeking around corners and praying for who’s in my circle (or needs to be) to hear who’s supposed to help me. Knowing the value of mentors I want help, and I know I need it. Knowing the beauty of life something in me tells me the time is prime for me to be mentored for the next trek in my amazing journey to getting to where I’m supposed to be.


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